Dependable and Thorough Car Wash and Detailing

Here at Kar-Kare Auto Spa in Brantford, ON we provide a luxury service at an affordable cost. While you are out shopping or at work, we will clean and detail your car. Your car will have that brand new gleam without the stress.

The Kar-Kare Difference

Detailer wiping headlight of car with clothe

As a car care company that can handle multiple vehicles in a day, you can rest assured of receiving prompt and courteous service. Furthermore, we have worked with many different clients and even more vehicles. As such, we know how to treat you and your car in the best possible way.

Attention to Detail

Unlike drive-thru car washes, our hand wash ensures that the entire exterior and interior of your car is cleaned. This removes accumulated dirt, grime, and bacteria that is harmful to your car and its passengers.

Additionally, if the weather is not ideal we can keep your vehicle overnight to ensure that everything dries out properly in our facility.

Accommodating Staff

We are committed to exceptional customer service. For this reason, we strive to do everything to satisfy our clients. When you come to our shop, our friendly crew will be there to greet you, get your vehicle organized and get you on your way in a very short time.

Transportation Services

Kar-Kare Auto Spa will help with your transportation needs while we have your vehicle.

Mission Statement

Kar-Kare Auto Spa’s mission is to remain a profitable custom automotive spa with an enviable reputation for quality exterior and interior cleaning, as well as complete vehicle detailing.

It is our policy to provide competitive wages and benefits for all employees, as well as the safest and best possible working conditions.

We acknowledge that our employees, suppliers, and customers are contributing members to our success, and that we as a company have a responsibility to treat all with respect and dignity.

Book our car cleaning services today! We can be reached at 519-751-4020. You can also email us at